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4 Common Situations That Call for Oral Surgery

Many people equate oral surgery mainly with wisdom teeth extractions. Though this is one instance of oral surgery, oral surgery can be necessary for a number of situations beyond having wisdom teeth removed. Read more to learn some of the situations that require Dr. Javod Gol of Columbia, MD, to use his oral surgery skills. Think you might need an oral surgeon’s help? Contact our warm, friendly office at (410) 884-0262.

1. Placement of Dental Implants

Do you have a single missing tooth? Why risk bone loss, adjacent teeth shifting, or other health problems linked with missing teeth? Dental implants offer stable, long-term replacements for areas that are missing teeth. Because dental implants are placed into the jawbone, they require the skills of a knowledgeable oral surgeon.

After your dental implant oral surgery with Dr. Gol, the surgical site will heal over a period of several months. When the implant post has fully fused with the jawbone, it is ready to support an abutment (post) and prosthetic dental crown created out of tooth-colored composite material.

2. Removal of a Damaged Tooth


Most dentists try to save natural teeth whenever possible. However, sometimes a tooth is too damaged. For instance, a tooth that has become extremely decayed may not be able to be restored with treatments such as dental crowns or dental fillings.

If you have a damaged tooth, Dr. Gol may recommend oral surgery to extract it. After extraction, you can determine if you want to pursue the placement of a dental implant as a restorative solution. A dental implant will require a second surgery after your original tooth extraction site has properly healed. Not sure two surgeries are the right choice? A dental bridge could be a suitable replacement alternative, depending upon your health history and smile goals.

3. Removal of a Tooth in Preparation for Orthodontics

Want to enjoy the advantages of a gorgeous, straight smile but have a tooth with a mind of its own? Maybe the tooth has grown in an awkward location. Perhaps it is causing adjacent tooth crowding.  Either way, the tooth could stand in the way of orthodontic treatment.

Certain dental cases call for oral surgery before placement of traditional braces or Invisalign® orthodontics. Dr. Gol will make sure you understand why he suggests any tooth removal. Usually, a tooth extracted for this reason helps to speed up the orthodontics process or facilitate better cosmetic dentistry outcomes.

4. Failed Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy can be a dependable way to clean and restore the tooth. However, despite high success rates, root canal therapy, like all procedures, sometimes fails.

If you undergo root canal therapy, but still have problems, you may require a tooth extraction. Dr. Gol will carefully walk you through the measures he will take to make the oral surgery as comfortable as possible. He will also discuss ways to restore the area of the missing tooth, such as with the placement of dental implants or a non-surgically placed dental bridge appliance.

Oral Surgery Can Help Some Patients Achieve Dental Goals

Are you wondering if you may be in need of oral surgery? The only way you can know is by visiting an oral surgeon. Contact Dr. Gol at Precision Dentistry in Columbia, MD, if you live or work nearby. He can help you understand your options, which may or may not include oral surgery. Call the office at (410) 884-0262 to schedule an appointment.

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